Pumice stones have been quite popular in the cleaning world for some time but they have recently blown up all over social media. People swear by them. They say they solve all cleaning problems. But, do they? Are they the best choice? Today we’re going to go over the ins and outs of this great cleaning tool and take a look at how to clean with a pumice stone.

How to Use Pumice Stone

What is pumice? Well, the OG pumice, the real stuff, is a form of rock created by cooled lava that came out of a volcano. The bubbles are actually air that got trapped during the cooling process.

Now, there is also artificial pumice which is made from recycled glass that is ground up and added to a non-toxic foaming agent. You get kind of the same result as natural pumice but you don’t have to go collecting it from dangerous volcanoes.

They both do essentially the same thing and it really is a choose-your-own-adventure with this one. Pumice is often used for smoothing out rough skin but there is a lot of talk about using them as a cleaning tool around the house. So, let’s take a deep dive!

Where to Use Pumice Stone

The way that you clean with pumice is always the same. You’re going to wet the stone very thoroughly, soaking it in water for a few minutes before using it. Then, apply the pumice stone to the surface the same way that you would use a sponge. You can also think of using it in the same way you might use an eraser to rub out some pencil marks.

The idea is here that you kind of want to gently graze the surface. Make sure not to press too hard because this is an abrasive tool and you don’t want to scratch the surface you are cleaning. Work in a circular motion and pay special attention to the pressure you’re using. The technique is always the same across a variety of different surfaces, finishes, and fixtures.

Proceed with Caution

What really matters here is testing it first on a surface before going full-on cleaning mode and understanding the limitations of a pumice stone. I would classify pumice as a heavy duty cleaning tool so I would only use it on areas that can tolerate such an abrasion. Some places that pumice is suitable for are bbq grills, oven grates, inside non-self cleaning ovens, pyrex dishes, and certain cookware.

Why do people go absolutely bonkers for pumice? It’s because it works really, really well. But remember, when it comes to pumice stone, always test first and always proceed with caution!

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At this juncture you might be saying to yourself or to me on the screen, “Hey Melissa, I’ve seen so many people use this online to clean their running shoes, toilets, sinks, glass, and tiles… Why aren’t you talk about that?

Well, my friends, that’s because I like to play it safe. I don’t like to see things ruined and I always do tons of research and tests before I use a new cleaning product or tool. Just because something might work on a particular surface it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best choice. Always take what you see and read online with a grain of salt… or stone.

A Few Caveats

Now that we’ve gone over what pumice is and some of it’s possible uses, let’s go through a few caveats you should know. We’ve already talked about testing it first, keeping it wet, and only using it on some surfaces, but here are a few more tips.

Pumice stone is porous so you won’t really be able to properly disinfect it. If you have toilet pumice, it stays as toilet pumice. You’ll also want to make sure that you wipe the surface dry before putting it away. While it might become totally addictive, try not to use pumice all the time. In the end it really should be a kind of last resort cleaning tool.

Now that you know what you need to know about pumice stones you can add this nifty and powerful tool to your cleaning arsenal! Make sure to check out our fantastic E-Book Bundle that will help you take your cleaning game to the next level!

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