If you ever pay attention to professional cleaners you’ll always see them pulling from a large stack of microfiber cloths as they clean. Ever since I started my cleaning company back in 2006, I have sworn by microfiber cloths and they have totally changed my cleaning game.

They are durable, washable, and always give a good clean when you are using the right cleaning product. So, let’s take a deep dive into the world of microfiber cloths and why I think they are an essential cleaning tool.

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Why Microfiber?

There are many reasons why microfiber is the way to go. They are way more effective and efficient than other cleaning options. They are so so so much better than cotton cloths or linens and will have you working faster than ever before!

Microfiber is great at picking up dirt, debris, grease, oil, bacteria, and other grime. With just a wipe or two, it will get the job done much better than cotton. This is why you see them used so often in commercial or public cleaning jobs. Microfiber will always be better at picking up and wiping away the microscopic stuff that finds its way through cotton’s larger fibers.

Next up is the problem of odors. Your cotton cloths, made of organic material, will degrade much faster and start to smell before a synthetic microfiber cloth. Microfiber will not only clean better but it will also last longer!

In the cleaning biz, cotton cloths are often seen as disposable. In fact, when I worked in the cleaning industry, people would simply buy a big old cube of old towels, rip them up, clean with them, then dispose of them after one or two uses. The problem here is that it’s not always a cost-effective method and it’s pretty awful for the environment.

That’s why we love microfiber here at Clean My Space! If you take proper care of them, they will last hundreds of washes and clean better than your average cotton rag.

The Weaves

There are many different available weaves when it comes to microfiber cloths, so let’s review the 4 ones that we use at Clean My Space.

First off, we have waffle weave. We generally use this for our kitchen cleaning jobs. It’s great for drying your hands and wiping spills off the counter. Basically, it replaces a dish towel or tea towel and is far more absorbent than the alternatives. Waffle weave has many uses and it dries extremely quickly, so you can continue using it throughout your day.

Our general-purpose cloth comes in different sizes and is similar to a terrycloth but has the added bonus of having micro weaves. These are great for both wet and dry cleaning jobs! We call it our general-purpose cloth or general-purpose weave because it’s best for everyday use on everyday surfaces. This is the cloth I use the most around the house and I know that when I reach for it I’ll always get a reliable and consistent clean!

Next, we have the flat weave microfiber cloth. We call this our glass and electronics cloth because it works best on smooth and delicate surfaces. This cloth won’t ever cling to dirt or grit so it will reduce any scratching or rubbing on your glass and screens.

Last we have our nifty duo cloth! It’s kind of the best of both worlds. On one side it’s got the general-purpose weave and the other side has an ultra-plush, high-pile weave. I won’t lie, it almost feels like a teddy bear, but it’s great for large spills where you need a lot of absorption. The high-pile weave can also be used when polishing a vehicle down to a nice shine!

Washing Microfiber

We have talked a lot about microfiber care at Clean My Space but here is the quick and dirty version. To begin, you’ll want to always wash it in cold water. Next, make sure you’re always shaking out the debris and grit before you put them in the wash, and only wash them with other similar cloths.

Use regular detergent and avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Microfiber is dryer safe so feel free to toss them in the dryer, but only ever use low heat. I know this sounds like high maintenance but it will ensure that they get washed properly and last a very long time.

Pro Tips

When using a general-purpose cloth, an important rule is to always clear or wipe up dust with a dry cloth. If you use a wet cloth you’ll find that it won’t clean well and you’ll just end up creating a pasty dust glue.

Microfiber cloths are so effective that you only need to use water or a very simple solution to get the job done. Now, we’re talking general surfaces here, not bathroom jobs and kitchen grime. But remember, when you use the right tool it will always help you get better and faster cleaning results.

You’ll often notice in Clean My Space videos that I fold my cloths into quarters. This is called the eight-sided cleaning trick. I can use one surface to clean and when it gets grimy, I can switch it up to another surface, then another. It makes sure that I’m always cleaning a surface with a fresh piece of cloth and that I’ll get the most out of each cloth before I need to toss it in the wash.

Whenever you are cleaning screens or electronics it’s best to spray the cloth and not the device. Now, with glasses and mirrors, you can get away with it but when it comes to actual electronics, it’s best to keep as much moisture away from them as you can, while still getting a good clean.

Start to leave little piles of microfiber cloths around the house with a spray bottle of solution or water. It seems excessive but I’m telling you, there are so many uses for them and they will save you from spending money on disposable options like paper-towel.

Another important note here is that quality matters. If you go to the dollar store and pick up microfiber cloths, they might not perform the way you’re expecting.

Well, there we go! That’s all there is to it! Learn how to use the tool and then fit it into your cleaning routine. A pile of microfibers and a good all-purpose cleaner will soon become your cleaning best friends! Thank you for joining us and make sure to check out more on Products & Tools from Clean My Space, to get up to speed with all your cleaning devices!

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